Monday, February 2, 2015

Worth the Fall by Caitie Quinn

Kasey Lane is having a bad week. Understatement. Her idea of success never involved losing her job, man, and apartment in 24-hours. Now, with nowhere to go and no way to pay for it anyway, Kasey decides it’s time for a fresh start, which means a new apartment, a new career, and…no men. But as a magnet for ridiculousness and absurd brushes with the law, her start goes from fresh to stale in record time. It doesn’t help that Mr. Wrong keeps showing up during her adventures gone awry and taking over. Now, as Kasey plans her way to independence she has to decide if the only path to success is going it alone...or if maybe a partner in crime can make the journey sweeter.

Fun, lighthearted romance!

I really enjoy this series! The first couple books are short stories, this is the first full-length novel in the series and it was great spending more time with these characters and in this setting. I love the lighthearted feel of each story. The book has a fun start, it sucks you in right at the get go and I had a hard time putting it down. Kasey has had a bad week. She lost her job, her apartment and her boyfriend. She stumbles upon a cute coffee shop where she meets some new friends. I actually really loved the part of the story, her making friends and finding people who actually care about her and of course meeting a great guy, Max. I loved her interactions with Max, he always seems to be around when something is going wrong for Kasey. 

Overall, a fun read and one I'd recommend to anyone in the mood for a romantic-comedy.

Content: PG
Romance: Clean
Language: Mild
Other: Social drinking, talk of couples living together sans marriage

Source: Received review copy from publisher for an honest review.

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