Thursday, July 23, 2015

What's Next?

What's Next? Is a fun meme hosted by IceyBooks where you post 3-5 books you're having a hard time deciding on which to read first. Post the cover and if you want the description or exceprt from the book. Then leave it up to fellow booklovers to help you decide which to read next. For more info, click here.

As for me, here are my three picks for this week:

The Royal Spy by Cassie M Shiels
Synopsis: Even though Katie is a royal princess, all she knows is how to be a spy. She constantly goes from mission to mission, never getting the chance to understand her birthright. This all changes when her father sends her on a mission to Floric with the cover of being a princess who is trying to win the prince’s heart. This mission proves to be very different from the others with a shadowy figure to chase, secret passages to explore, secrets to keep and the problem of betrayal that she is about to discover.
Trouble in Paradise by Karen Tuft
Synopsis: Andy Kendrick has always dreamed of bigger things than tiny Eagle Bluff, Arizona. So when the opportunity arises to shake off the dust of his hometown and move to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, he grabs it. But he never imagined that apiece of his past would follow him to his new life . . .Kimberly Briggs has lived her life on the fringes of the crowd, timid and afraid since the death of her brother, but when she learns that Andy, her lifelong crush, is moving to Hawaii, she's finally ready to step out of the shadows and take a risk.

Girl of Mine by Taylor Dean
SynopsisThe year is 2003 and Captain Lucas Graham is at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, about to be deployed to Iraq. A few weeks ago, he broke his engagement with Jillian Barrett, leaving her stunned and heartbroken. Knowing he can’t leave for war without putting his affairs in order, Luke obtains a four day pass with only one goal in mind: explain his life story to his former fiancĂ©e. The problem: Jill is now engaged to another man. But Luke isn’t giving up. He only has four days to gain an audience with Jill, even if he has to resort to drastic measures to do so. And he will . . .
SO, What Should I Read Next??


  1. My vote goes for Royal Spy! It sounds really good compared to the other ones. I hope you enjoy your pick!

    Asma @ IceyBooks

  2. They all sound fun, but I would go with The Royal Spy!

  3. They all sound so good but I'm going to have to go with Royal Spy!


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