Sunday, February 7, 2016

Legend by Marie Lu

Legend (Legend, #1)Legend by Marie Lu
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I've been in a dystopian kind of mood lately and realized I never finished this series. I enjoyed this book the first time around, but hate waiting for the next book to come out, so instead decided to just wait for the whole series to be done before finishing. And of course, it's taken me awhile to get back to it. I wish series were released closer together, a year between books usually makes me loose interest. Luckily, that wasn't the case here.

I enjoyed this one just as much the second time around. It'd been a few years since I've read it so it was almost like reading it for the first time, I had forgotten a bit. I may have liked it more this time actually. I enjoyed Ms. Lu's take on her dystopian world, how it takes place in America in the distant future, still using familiar landmarks and places. Makes it seems more believable. But, mostly I really liked June and Day. They are great characters and I really enjoyed that the story was told from both their perspectives. I liked both their stories, learning about their backgrounds and how they've gotten to where they are and how their world gets shaken up when their paths cross. I enjoyed their relationship, the tension and swoony moments. I thought the story moved along nicely, not overly slow like some dystopian books I've read. It had a nice amount of action mixed in.

I've heard this is being made into a movie and I think it'd be really fun to see it on the big screen! I'm glad the series is complete and I can read the next book right away! A fun read!

Romance: Clean
Language: Mild, a few "d"
Violence: Mild, nothing overly descriptive, some fighting and death

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