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Highway Revenge by Nadine Millard

Highway RevengeHighway Revenge by Nadine Millard
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When I saw my friends review of this one awhile back I made a mental note to bump it up my TBR list. It kept popping up and I finally decided to give it a try last night, and I ended up not being able to put it down! I've read a couple of Ms. Millard's other books, but this was by far my favorite of the bunch.

This was a fun read, Evelyn is a likeable heroine. She's had her personality stifled for the past ten years, living with her controlling and unloving Aunt & Uncle. Luckily, she had the love and support of her cousins Abby & Jonathan, even if they didn't quite understand her. It's not until Viscount Andrew Ashdon shows up that she begins to realize she doesn't want to be a quite little country mouse any longer. Evelyn and Andrew had fun chemistry, some of their scenes had me laughing out loud. And others had me swooning.

This was a well written story that moved along nicely, a bit of mystery and intrigue, misunderstandings and a sweet romance. I usually not care for "rakes" very much, they're all to common in regencies, but this is one of those rare cases where I believe that Andrew does love and respect Evelyn enough to change his ways. I would have preferred less innuendo, but appreciate that the author did keep things clean overall.

This definitely rates up there with one of the better regencies I've read and would look forward to reading again. A fun start to a new series! Actually, I have no idea if this is going to be a series or not, but I'm hoping if I send enough positive thoughts out there, then maybe we'll be lucky to get a book for Abby and Jonathan!

Romance: Pretty clean. Some kissing and one scene that gets a little steamy but stays clean. Some lusty thoughts and mild innuendo.
Language: Mild, handful of mild cuss words
Violence: Mild

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