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When Fireflies Sing by Christene Houston

When Fireflies SingWhen Fireflies Sing by Christene Houston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I really enjoyed this one, was sucked in right from the start and didn't want to put it down. I thought it was really well written, had a great setting, likable characters and a fun plot.

Journey (Isabelle) was a fun character, a well known singer in a very public family. She doesn't like the direction her life is going or the controlling way her mother runs her life. She feels trapped and has decided to escape. She goes to great lengths, which she'd have to, in order to disappear. She finds sanctuary at the Snowflake Falls Inn, a cozy lodge nestled in the mountains far away from the limelight. She finally gets settled in and enjoying her freedom when the Inn gets an unexpected visitor. Cody Blake, the famous country singer bad boy. Just out of rehab and not to happy to be there, Cody doesn't make the best first impression. I did enjoy his character development though and seeing him grow and self-reflect. I loved Journey and Cody's relationship, she definitely isn't dazzled by his fame and knows how to put him in his place. Lots of fun moments and of course a believable romance with lots of chemistry.

I love the setting of Snowflake Falls Inn, I so wish I could visit there. The supporting cast adds a lot of fun to the story. Overall, this is a fun romance with depth and charm. Definitely one to recommend.

Romance: Clean, some kissing
Language: Very mild, 1-2 mild curses
Violence: None
Series: Snowflake Falls Inn, Book Two - stands well on its own

Source: Review copy, will also be getting my own hardcopy

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  1. They really did have a lot of fun moments! I think my top two favorites are the mud scene and the sing off. I couldn't stop giggling to myself! Loved it! Great review! :)


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