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First Line Friday

Welcome to First Line Friday! This fun meme is easy to do, simply pick up the book you're currently reading and share the very first line! There are some really good first lines out there, they grab you and suck you right into the story.

Fallen Angel by Charlotte Louise Dolan
Traditional Regency Romance
Original: February 1993, republished November 2013

"On a cold, drizzly morning in mid-December, Gabriel Rainsford, Lord Sherington, was comfortably ensconced in the study of his London residence."

Fallen AngelFallen Angel by Charlotte Louise Dolan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this one. It had a few things I would have liked tweaked, but overall I just loved our characters, especially Gabriel. He definitely has the whole tortured-hero thing going on. While he was pretty rough and considered ruthless, he really has a good heart. It’s just buried deep down. I loved how he handled people, especially those that were trying to hurt him or Verity. I especially loved a scene where Gabriel is interviewing his new staff, it was so funny and sweet at the same time. I think it was then that you see his true self, and I admit it made me like him all the more.

I loved the relationship between Gabriel and Verity. I think he fell in love with her right from the beginning; it just took him awhile to figure things out. I loved that the longer he got to know her, the more beautiful he found her. I loved how he was protective of her and would do anything for her. Even endure her obnoxious family. They are a good influence on each other. Gabriel helps give her strength and see that she deserves to be treated better by her family. Verity is a great calming influence on Gabriel, and teaches him subtly about love. I kept wondering why he insisted on winning her love before proposing. It didn't seem like him, considering his feelings on love. The only thing I can come up with is that like I said earlier, he loved her from the beginning and wanted to do things right with her.

The few things I would tweak. First, the story opens and Gabriel has a mistress, one he is quickly getting tired of. I just hate those storylines, but whatever. Second, while this is a clean read, there are a few innuendos, but I will say, it always felt more like Gabriel loved Verity not just lusted after her. Anyway, the last thing that really bugged me was Verity saying she would do anything to be with Gabriel, including being his mistress. She claims she would be happy if he even offered her that much, so long as she could be near him. DUH! I could literally go on for pages of why that is such a bad idea, but I won’t. I will say, she kept her thoughts to herself and I liked that while she had a lot of inner turmoil going on, she always presented a strong face to Gabriel. And, luckily, Gabriel always had honorable intentions towards Verity.

Overall, I really loved the story and plot. I have probably used the word “love” way too many times in this review, but I don’t care. This is one of those books where the characters really came alive for me, they felt real. I was sad when it ended, I wanted more. I wanted to see behind the HEA, what would married life be like for them? I wish there were a sequel.

Content: Clean. Mild talk of mistresses and mild innuendos.

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