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Secrets of a Spinster by Rebecca Connolly

Secrets of a Spinster (Arrangements, #3)Secrets of a Spinster by Rebecca Connolly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started this one knowing it was the third book in a series, someone had recommended it to me and so I decided to try the sample. I was immediately sucked into the story, I enjoyed the characters and setting. I always enjoy a regency that takes place during the London season. This had a very traditional regency feel to it, which I really enjoyed.

Mary and Geoff had been friends since childhood, they're extremely close and have a nice relationship. Geoff is well respected and has a lot of friends. Mary is a wallflower, and most people only recognize her as Geoff's friend. Mary was a unique regency heroine in that she is twenty-seven! She decides this will be her final London season and decides to go out with a bang. Letting her sister re-make her, she suddenly becomes the toast of the season. Every eligible bachelor is vying for her attention and it's driving Geoff mad.

I liked the journey of Mary and Geoff. I thought their relationship evolution was believable, there was probably that connection forever that kept them both from really finding someone else, but it takes them time and almost loosing one another to realize their true feelings. But is it too late?

Overall, I thought this was a great regency. I enjoyed the writing style, character development and the fun plot. Now, I'm torn between going back and reading the first two books, or continuing on with the next two books. Decisions, decisions.

Romance: Clean
Language: Mild (I think one)
Violence: None
Series: Arrangements, Book Three - can stand alone

Source: Amazon

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