Thursday, November 30, 2017

Oh, Come On: Be Faithful by Cami Checketts

Oh, Come On: Be Faithful (Countdown to Christmas #3)Oh, Come On: Be Faithful by Cami Checketts
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Cute! This was a fun story, likable characters. I love books that take place in my home state of Utah. It’s almost like a visit home when I get to read a story that takes place there. This one happens to take place in Midway, a very beautiful part of the state. Made for a great setting, especially picturing all the snow and holiday cheer.

Mikayla has a stalker, for the past four years someone has been sending threatening notes and photos, but the recently the contact has gotten more violent. When the head of her security retires, she hires Matt Degan to head up her security and play her faux boyfriend. Matt and his cute son move into her mansion and pretty quickly the line between work and romance blurs. There’s an instant attraction for both of them and the more time they spend together the more they come to care for each other.

While I did enjoy this one, I thought the stalker stuff could have been amped up a little more. The suspense was kind of lacking, always seemed to be more in the background and the bad guy reveal felt a little off. And the storyline with the sister could have been developed a little more.

Overall though, I thought it was a fun read and kept me turning the pages. I liked the characters, the kids were cute, and the setting was fun. The Christmas elements were a little low-key, so this story could really be read any time during the year.

Content: Clean romance, just kisses. No language and very mild violence.

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