Thursday, December 7, 2017

Happily Ever After Thursday

We are so excited for our first annual 
Have Yourself a Very Swoony Christmas event,

Many book characters seem to become a part of our lives.
Sometimes we really want to get to know them better
and enjoy their romance for just a little bit longer.
Each Thursday, we will be spotlighting 
one of our swoony Christmas couples.

This week, we'll be getting to know
Clay & Miriam from
How to Kiss a Billionaire by Cami Checketts

1. What do you like to do on a romantic date?

We like to have fun so a romantic date for us would probably be going snow skiing then sneaking in some time to kiss by the fire. 

2. What do you like most about each other?

Miriam: He makes me laugh and I absolutely love his smile.
Clay: She is so sassy. I love her spice and her big brown eyes.
Miriam: I am not sassy!
Clay with that eyebrow arched: See what I mean?

3. What is your favorite way to spend time together?

We love to do anything active: hiking, biking, swimming. 

4. What are three things on your bucket list?

Clay: 1. Take Miriam home to Mama. 2. Take Miriam to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. 3. Kiss Miriam all night long.
Miriam: I’m blushing and can’t think straight right now.

5. What is “your song”?

Clay: Brown-eyed Girl.
Miriam: No, you goofball it’s: Oh, Baby You, You Got What I Need.
Clay: Yes the screaming love song. And she claims she’s not sassy.

6. What is the craziest date you’ve been on?

Miriam: When Clay took me crabbing and dumped me in the freezing cold ocean. 
Clay: Oh, yeah, that was fun.

7. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Clay: Ice skating and kissing every time I crash.
Miriam: Being with our families.

8. How would you describe each other to someone else in three words?
Miriam about Clay: Strong, brave, tease.
Clay about Miriam: Sassy, unpredictable, beautiful.

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