Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Boyfriend Game (Playing the Field) by Stephie Davis

Genre: YA Fiction

Publication Date: March 2007

Author Website:

One Word Review: Fluffy (aka Cute)

First Line: “The afternoon sun was beating down on my shoulders as I watched an evil leer light up the face of my best friend, Sara Myers.”

Synopsis: Trisha is a freshman and is excited when her soccer coach tells her she is one of a few girls eligible for the varsity soccer team. She has two weeks to get ready and finds unexpected help from the hot new guy, Graham. It soon becomes a problem when she realizes its not only the varsity team she’s interested in, but Graham as well and he’s made it perfectly clear that the only thing he’s interested in is soccer.

Kathy’s Review: So this was definitely meant for a younger audience, but I still enjoyed the overall story. Trisha and Graham both love soccer and have a great time practicing together. Their relationship was cute and although he really acted his age at times, he was also pretty sweet with her. The story moved along pretty quick. The characters acted pretty young at times, which I guess is okay since they were only fifteen. I was first drawn to this by the cover and thought it sounded pretty cute. I honestly wouldn't have read it if I had realized just how "young" it was written, still a cute story though.

(The edition I read is called The Boyfriend Game, but I found it on GoodReads under Playing the Field.)


  1. Interesting review. The cover really doesn't suggest a young audience to me. Kind of misleading.

  2. I liked this because it reminded me of me as a freshman. Only I never found a boy to like. Sports were life. I like this very real heroine. I think Davis understands the silly games teenagers play better than most.


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