Monday, May 10, 2010

The Rouge Knight by Marcia Lynn McClure

Genre: Romance

Author Website:

First Line: “The snow was falling harder now, the wind pushing it into drifts against the buildings, which lined the cobblestone streets.”

Synopsis: After losing her parents, Fontaine is left to the care of her evil aunt Lady Carileena Wetherton, until she turns nineteen and can then take control of her inheritance and future. Lady Wetherton has other plans in mind, she plans to marry Fontaine off before she turns nineteen and keep the inheritence for herself. Fontaine has little choice in the matter and relies on the friendship of her faithful servants to get her through. One evening a handsome man arrives on her doorstep, beaten and bruised and may be the answer to all her problems.

Kathy’s Review: I found this book on Marcia’s website (click here for a free copy). It’s only 90 pages long, but packed with a fun story, lovely characters and a sweet romance. I enjoyed the story; it was totally different from the last McClure book that I read, which was a surprise. I liked Fontaine’s character, she puts herself at risk to help a total stranger (okay, so he’s a hottie, but I think she would have helped him even if he wasn’t cute), she cares deeply for her friends and does what she can to protect them from her evil aunt. I also liked Knight, he kind of made it seem like he had a really bad past, but aside from keeping his identity a secret from Fontaine, I didn’t really see what the big deal was. If anything, it seems like it could have helped her more than harmed her. Anyway, the aunt was supposed to be evil, but aside from being a gold digger with little morals, I didn’t really get the “evil” vibe. I also thought the plight Fontaine was in was kind of weak, but putting reality aside I thought it was a fun story. I enjoyed the writing, setting and the sweet romance.

Bookworm Rating: 4

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  1. I just finished this one today too! Thanks for sending it to me!! It was a cute love story. I totally agreed with your review. I think it could of been a better book if it was longer. Thanks agaiin...


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