Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weathered Too Young by Marcia Lynn McClure

Genre: Historical Romance

Publication Date: February 2010

One Word Review: Sweet

Author Website:

Synopsis: Lark is running from her past and finds herself in a small town in Colorado. Looking for work she hears of two single brothers looking for a housekeeper/cook. Accepting the job she doesn’t realize quite what’s in store for her.

Kathy’s Review: So, I just read a handful of Regency novels and got accustom to the way they spoke and I admit it took me a little while to jump from a very proper regency setting to the “wild west” setting. Once I got used to the language I started to enjoy the story a little more. It is a nice cozy read for a Saturday afternoon. There were some sweet romance scenes that made my heart pitter-pat and the overall story was enjoyable. While I liked Lark’s character, I was also a little disappointed. I was hoping she would have a little more…spunk. From the things she thought in her head to how she actually acted/spoke were kind of conflicting. I liked Slater, although I got a little tired of how “old” he was supposed to be (he’s 30ish), I know he had a rough past but he really acted and spoke A LOT older than 30, IMO. I liked their relationship and was rooting for them, BUT I did get tired of their inner dialog of how they both loved each other, but neither wanted to act on it. I would have liked a little more tension and interactions vs. all the inner dialog. I liked the supporting characters, Tom and Katie. I was really hoping for a nice love-triangle with Lark-Slater-Katie, but things sort of fizzled out early on, I kind of wish there had been some resolution there. One minute Lark is full of jealousy and then it’s pretty much forgotten. I think adding a little more suspense between the three would have made the story a touch more interesting. The backgrounds of Lark and Slater were interesting, but could have also been played up a little more. Maybe since the past few books I read had a lot of mystery too them I was expecting a little more out of this one. I finished the book yesterday and having slept on it I decided that I still really enjoyed the story. I think when I re-read it (which I’m sure I will), I will enjoy it more. It’s a nice western setting with likable characters and a sweet romance.

Bookworm Rating: 4

I love the western setting, any recommendations for similar reads?

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