Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cross My Heart by Julie Wright

Genre: Chick Lit

Publication Date: October 2010

One Word Review: Super-cute

Author Website: www.juliewright.com

GoodReads Synopsis
: The first man is Geoffrey--in Boston, which is Jillian's hometown. Hazel-eyed Geoffrey, the brilliant ad exec whom Jillian would've married if he hadn't stolen some of her best work and gotten her promotion as a result. The second man is Jack in Los Angeles. Insecure Jack, who signs Jillian up for a love study at a local university "just for fun" but secretly intends to find out if she still loves Geoffrey. Flaky Jack, who splits as soon as her brain neurons fire and emphatic yes. The third man is Allen on the airplane from LA to Boston, where Jillian's boss has ordered her to investigate the underhanded dealings of a competing agency and where Jillian's crazy parents still live. Allen, the electric-blue-eyed dentist who hates the advertising industry because his ex-girlfriend, Nicole, recently dumped him for some hotshot ad exec. Head spinning yet? Well, forget about love triangles--this turns into a full-blown love quadrangle that quickly becomes a high-stakes game with savvy players, snappy dialogue, and a plot that won't stop twisting...until another love study delivers surprising results.

Kathy’s Review: I really liked this story, it had me hooked from the beginning and I had a hard time putting it down. It reminded me of a cute romantic comedy movie, in fact I think it would make a cute movie! Jillian is a good leading lady, at first she came across a little harsh, but as the story progresses she really grew on me. I also liked her love interests and knew who I wanted her to end up with right from the start. The story was original and the whole thing was really enjoyable.

My only complaint is that I felt it got wrapped up a little too quickly. I would have liked a little more resolution with Guy 1, it seemed that Jillian got the closure she wanted, but he was still left hanging. Actually, she had kind of poor communication skills when it came to him. I also wish there had been a little more closure with Guy 2, I’m glad how things worked out, but would have liked a little more conversation between them before it all get wrapped up. Those are both minor issues though, I really enjoyed the story as a whole and would totally recommend it to anyone who loves chick lit.

Bookworm Rating: 4.5


  1. I'm half way through this one and I really like it too. I have enjoyed all of Julie Wrights books so far. I agree with you that Jillian really needed to communicate better and not just run away from things.


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