Tuesday, July 10, 2012

She Owns the Knight by Diane Darcy

I really loved this one. It kind of reminded me of a more lighthearted Waterfall by Lisa Bergren. Gillian was a very likable heroine, as Kellen says, she’s charming. She seems to charm all those around her, you just can’t help but like her. She is visiting England and sketching an old rundown castle when some guys approach her with not the nicest intent. As she runs from them she is transported 700 years back in time and ends up at Kellen Marshalls castle. Kellen is expecting his new bride and assumes Gillian is his betrothed. She knows his real fiancĂ© is on her way and only has a few weeks to figure out how to get back to the present day, but decides to make the best of the situation. I mean Kellen is hot, so why not?

Kellen has been hurt by his first wife and has a lot of baggage. It was so cute to see Gillian break down his walls, just by being kind and flirty. Kellen falls for Gillian right away, it was fun to see how loyal he was to her right from the get go. They are really cute together. I admit, the whole time I was nervous for how Kellen would react when he learned Gillian was not Edith, but was pleasantly surprised with how everything wraps up. I also liked the tiny side story of Marissa and her husband (Kellen’s dad), thought they also had a sweet story.

I thought the author did a great job of tying up loose ends, even some I had forgotten about. I thought this was a great lighthearted romance, with still enough tension to keep things interesting.

Content: Clean. Flirty innuendo.

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