Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Ripple Effect Romance Novella Series

I thought this was a great idea for a series. Basically, the action of a character in the first book directly affects the main characters in book two, and so on down the line. So, while the books could stand on their own, they are better read in order. I thought this was a fun concept. The authors came up with their own plots and then worked together on how to weave their stories together. The first book will be released in early March and then each consecutive book will be released a couple weeks later (release dates below). Full reviews of each book can be found on my Goodreads or Amazon profile.

Home Matters (March 10): I liked this one. I thought it was a fun story about discovering what you really want out of life. The romance was sweet (I liked how our couple initially meets).

Silver Linings (March 24): I wanted to like this one more than I did. I know others will probably love it, and I did like it, I just would have tweaked a couple things. Drew and Eden are cute together though and you’ll be happy to see them get their HEA.

Righting a Wrong (April 7): Great story about second chances. This one had a lot of heart. Not only was the romance sweet, but I loved the relationship between father and daughter. I was also happy to see Jace get his HEA, especially after all he went through in Silver Linings. Cute read!

Lost and Found (April 21): A fun story full of romance and mystery. I thought this was a sweet read, the characters were likable and you can’t help rooting that they can find a way to be together. Heartwarming and a good message on what is truly important.

Second Chances 101 (May 5): It’s never too late to find love and to have new beginnings. I thought this was a cozy read. I liked the college setting and the relationship between Francie and Alex and Sam. I wish this one was longer!

Immersed (May 19): Super cute! This had a fun premise and was just fun to read. I liked Erik and Lisette. Creative idea for a story with a lot of charm.

Overall, a super fun contemporary series. I loved how the books connected together, but stood on their own. Very charming and sweet. Highly recommended!

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