Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Love Gone Wild by Amy Matayo

As the daughter of a well-known politician, Anna Lloyd has been groomed for success. There’s only one problem: for her, success never sticks. Texas-bred rancher Jay Maddox wants one last chance at fun. After a lifetime of being responsible for siblings, mortgages, and a dysfunctional mother, he’s ready for an adventure that’s all his own. When both of them arrive to begin taping the show, they’re joined by three other couples, and all are eager to get started. Until the producers make a decision that throws everything into chaos. Now Jay and Anna are alone in the wilderness—forced together against their will into a partnership neither one bargained for. How is Anna supposed to get her boyfriend to commit to her when she’s stuck with this southern cowboy instead? How is Jay supposed to survive a solid month with this big-city girl who gets under his skin in more ways than one?
I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since I finished The Wedding Game. It didn’t disappoint, I was quickly engaged in the story and rooting for Jay and Anna. I liked both Anna and Jay and it was fun watching them fall in love. They do so under some pretty dire circumstances and will probably make their relationship stronger in the long run. I thought the setting was fun, although I wouldn’t go rushing off to Alaska any time soon. I was surprised by how much time they were actually alone during the filming of the show; I guess I was expecting more of a Survivor type setting (only in freezing Alaska). As in most of these type stories there are some obstacles for the couple to overcome. It was a tad frustrating; I wanted to shake Anna a few times. I understood her though; I got how she couldn’t or wouldn’t want to disappoint her family. It’s a lot easier said than done and her behavior and choices seemed realistic. I was happy with how everything worked out.

Overall, a super fun read. Ms. Matayo is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me! Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Romance: Clean, a few passionate kissing and very mild innuendo
Language: Can’t remember any, if there was it was mild

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  1. I bought this one. I look forward to it. Thanks for the review.


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