Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall for Fluff Tuesdays

First, if you’re wondering why there was no Monday’s With Marcia post yesterday it was because Marcia had some family stuff come up. Hopefully we can do a catch up post later in the week. Well wishes to Marcia and her family!

This is our LAST trivia post! This month has gone by so fast, I didn’t realize October was so long. Even doing this on just “business days” its still almost five weeks! I guess it’s nice to have those few extra days to read even more MLM books!  It’s been fun meeting other MLM fans and chatting with everyone about the books and characters.

Who Said It?

"Yer pa's gonna shoot me when he finds out I been kissin'... that I been kissin' his daughter right under his own roof... and in my underwear, to boot."  

 "When I'm having dinner with you, I feel just like one of those bakery rolls - all fresh and slathered in butter... and then you warm me up and melt it."

 "I love you like no man on this earth has ever loved a woman! Give me your heart, and I will keep and protect it forever. I will never give it up! Give me your full heart, and I will shield it with my life. I will be your hero... your lover..."  

 "Are yo gonna stand there and stare at me like I'm just a lemon drop in the candy jar at the general store? Or are you gonna kiss me the way you've been dreamin' of kissin' me?"  

Open Casting
You may have noticed there are a few MLM books we haven’t casted yet. We thought it’d be fun to let you guys decide who should be casted. Either post their names below or send them to Kathy Jo and we’ll post them on Thursday! The books that haven’t been casted are:  Beneath the Honeysuckle Vine, Secret Bliss of Calliope Ipswich and the three novellas: General’s Ambition, Unobtainable One and Indebted Deliverance.

Book Covers
Which are your five favorite McClure covers? And five least favorite?

Which type of historical hero would you like Marcia to write about...


  1. Ok I know quote #1 is Sweet Cherry Ray and #2 is Chimney Sweep Charm. #4 is gonna drive me crazy because I think I've read it recently. I want to say Windswept Flame because I know they talk about lemon drops, but I just don't know if that's right. :(

  2. Fave covers: Midnight Masquerade, Weathered Too Young, The Visions of Ransom Lake, Shackles of Honor, Weathered Too Young
    Least fave: The Man of Her Dreams, Dusty Britches, An Old Fashioned Romance, Born for Thorton's Sake, Sudden Storms

  3. Fave covers: I have several the first to come to mind are: sapphire snow (New cover), vision' s of ransom lake, love me (newest cover), better reason to fall in love (New), touch of sage all the new covers.

    Least fave: I'll have to look on my shelf at home. It's hard to remember them all
    1Dusty britches or what the other one I just read them both! Aaahhh!!
    2chimney sweep if I remember correctly
    3I am dying over this one I have not read it yet and I can't remember maybe take a walk with me but that doesn't't seem right.
    4- is that light of the lover's moon? The have a candy in that one.

  4. Fragrance of her name: soldier: channing Tatum, James Marsden or Josh Ishmael, nurse girl: Linda cardellini I think that's the girl I saw.

  5. Didn't Kathy Jo do a great job with the quotes this week?

    It was a lot harder to choose my favorite (and least favorite) covers. I do tend to judge a book by its cover. I know that is a bad habit, but I'm drawn to the pretty covers! One of my favorite books though has a HORRIBLE cover and in that case I'm glad I ignored the cover and read the book anyway. For the most part, I like MLM covers and knowing her work it wouldn't really matter to me what the cover looked like, I'd read it anyway. A pretty cover is a nice bonus though. Anyway, my favorite covers are probably: Shackles of Honor, Pirate Ruse (both), Midnight Masquerade, Tide of Mermaid Tears (new) and the McCall Trilogy. My least favorite: Man of Her Dreams, Trove of Passion Room and Kiss in the Dark.

  6. Ugh quote 3 and 4 have been bugging me all day!!!

  7. Oh I meant Windswept Flame as my 5th fave cover. I like the silhouettes on that & Weathered Too Young. I like both The Pirate Ruse covers too. :)

  8. I love the Weathered Too Young cover too!

    Quote Answers:
    1- Lobo, Sweet Cherry Ray
    2- Justice, Chimney Sweep Charm
    3- Chamridge, Time of Mermaid Tears
    4- Heathro, Untethered

  9. I KNEW I had just read #4!! Dang it!! haha


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