Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Poll

I really need to think about my vote before I choose. A LOT of people asked about Shay getting her own book, so I almost left her off because I suspect she'll get a ton of votes (I don't want to make it too easy!). But, I just read Touch of Sage and I love Charlie in that one and I think it'd not only be fun to see him get his own book, but I'd love to see those old widows do some more matchmaking! I also loved James Kelly in Pirate Ruse, I'd like to see him as an adult and see what kind of man he turns out to be and what kind of woman would capture his heart (and maybe get another pirate story!). And of course, little Daisy in Mermaid Tears would grow up to be someone special and I'd love her story as well. Maybe Marcia will see this and decide to humor me and write a book for each of them! :)

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