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Sarah M Eden British Isles Collection

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Sarah M. Eden British Isles CollectionA Timeless Romance Anthology: Sarah M. Eden British Isles Collection by Sarah M. Eden
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A Friend Indeed
Sweet and swoony! I really enjoyed the story of George and Caroline. They have known each other since childhood and recently became engaged. Caroline is worried he is only doing it out of friendship and obligation, and George is determined to show her his real reason for wanting to get married. George really had some swoony moments; he just seems like such a nice guy. While it is a short story, it takes place over a few weeks and felt well developed and I was satisfied with the pace and how things wrapped up. Great read.

A Happy Beginning
Loved it! This was a great story with great characters. I probably will sound like a broken record when I review each story and end up saying the same thing, “I really enjoyed it!” Sophia works as a governess for a horrible family in Scotland. She feels alone since her position limits her interactions with the rest of the staff and family. She has grown fond of the head groom, Dermot, who is quiet and confident. This was just another nice escape, well written and engaging. Had all the great elements of a full-length novel wrapped up in a short story. Highly enjoyable.

Road to Cavan Town
I loved this! I was immediately drawn into this charming story. Alice is just lovely, just a really good person and easy to like. She is so patient and understanding of Issac, even though he has his mind set on courting another woman. Isaac was also likable, I was glad we got to hear his POV as well, it was fun to watch his eyes open and see what really mattered in his life. It really is a sweet story and even though it was short, it was full of fun characters, lovely romantic tension and a charming Irish town.

A Christmas Promise
This is such a charming story. I loved everything about it, the setting and characters and humor. Sean and Maeve have a sweet courtship, I loved her overprotective brothers and of course Rufus! Just a charming story.

Dream of a Glorious Season
Beth and Julian have been friends since childhood, she’s had a crush on him for as long as she can remember, he still views her as a friend. He also happens to be “betrothed” to her older sister, or at least there is an expectation that they will make a match of it. Beth’s family does not treat her very well, but Julian is always there for her. I thought they had a great story, I liked seeing Julian realize his feelings run deeper than friendship. I also loved how he always stood up for her. Another fun story!

A Lesson in Love,
I originally read this when it was part of the European collection. It had been awhile though so it was fun to read it again. Lucy and Reed are a sweet, newlywed couple. You can tell they are in love from the beginning of the story, they just have different ideas of what their social life would be like once they’re married. Reed is excited to spend time at home, not having to attend the Season. Lucy on the other hand, is excited to finally have a husband to enjoy all the Season has to offer. Their well-meaning, but meddlesome family decides to “help” the couple out, but only end up causing more problems. This was a cute read, I like reading about couples that are already married, and it was fun to see them figure things out. Sweet read.

I adored this collection of stories, Ms. Eden is an expert storyteller. She always pulls me into her stories, makes me fall in love with the characters and makes you want to step back in time. I love how each story is unique, good plots and characters you can’t help but root for. Swoony romance and just a fun escape. Highly recommend to fans of historical fiction.

Content: Clean

Source: Review copy, also bought my own copy

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