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Married to the Marquess by Rebecca Connolly

Married to the Marquess (Arrangements, #2)Married to the Marquess by Rebecca Connolly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I'm kind of reading this series out of order, luckily the books are written in a way that you can read them as standalones. The series follows five best friends as they find their happily ever afters. Married to a Marquess is Derek's story and his situation is unique in that the story picks up after he has already been married for five years. Derek and Katherine were betrothed since childhood and never cared for one another. In fact, they basically despise each other.

I'm glad we were able to get both Derek's and Katherine's POV, you see why they don't like each other, but also get to see inside their heads and what makes them tick. They surprisingly have a lot in common and it's sad that it takes them so long to actually get to know each other. The reason Katherine calls him to London is really a turning point for them, if the event (don't want to give spoilers) hadn't happened, I don't know if they ever would have worked things out.

I liked Kate's character, it bothered me when he called her Kate at first, but gradually it grew on me. I liked her character growth and seeing her soften and really discover who she is. I liked Derek, but did think he was a little too harsh with Kate in the beginning, but I guess they have a lifetime of bitter feelings built up and they take it out on each other.

I was a bit worried about how these two would ever get over all the grief they'd caused each other. I did like that they both determined to "play nice" and attempt being friends. It's a nice turning point in the story for them to realize they actually have things in common and like each other. I enjoyed their story and watching them overcome quite a bit and end up having a pretty solid romance and connection. Since I read the third book before this I did know that eventually they'd figure things out, but it was still fun to actually see how that all comes about. I also enjoy stories about married couples since it adds a totally different perspective on falling in love. Lots of tense moments, sweet moments, swoony moments and just an overall enjoyable read.

Romance: Clean, just kissing
Language: Mild
Violence: None
Series: Book Two, Arrangement Series

Source: Kindle-personal copy

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