Monday, April 17, 2017

Welcome, Deb!

I'm SO excited to welcome my good friend Deb to Bookworm Nation. Deb and I met a few years ago (how long has it been, Deb?) on the wonderful book reviewing sight GoodReads. We quickly realized we had similar tastes in books and started chatting about books and life. We realized we had a lot more in common than just books, we often joke that we're long lost twins.

Deb reads a lot and I've invited her to be a reviewer on Bookworm Nation. She's a busy mama of five, so when she has time she'll post her fun reviews on here for everyone to enjoy. I can't wait for her to join the Bookworm Nation family.


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  1. Aw!! Thanks Twinster!! I have never looked more adorable. ;) I can never live up to how AMAZING you are at reviews, but I will be happy to share my silly style.


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