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A Christmas Seduction by Kristin Vayden, Nadine Millard, Rachel VanDyken

A Christmas SeductionA Christmas Seduction by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

War! The three Bright sisters have been at war with the three Ashbury brothers for all their lives. Thrown together for summer and winter holidays, they’ve been battling for as long as they can remember. The stories open three years after their last visit, as the sisters are arriving for a Christmas visit, they’re making plans to finally win the war.

I debated how to review this set, individually or as a whole. I guess I’ll do a little of both. To be honest, all three stories are very similar. Since each story focuses on a different set of relationships, but all happening during the same time/events. I actually read them out of order, which didn’t lessen my enjoyment at all.

I loved the idea for this collection- enemies since childhood, constantly pulling pranks on each other. But, I did feel that the jump from enemies to lovers was a little too quick in each story. I would have liked to see a little more feuding maybe? Some stories transitioned a little better than others. But since they’re short stories it makes sense that relationship move quickly.

Taming the Earl by Kristin Vayden
I ended up reading this one last, but really enjoyed it and it was *almost* my favorite. Probably my favorite couple of the three. Lucas and Meredith have great chemistry and fun banter. It was well written and really pulled me in, even though I knew what was coming, it still kept me engaged. I would have loved this, but the very end pushed the content for me.

Content: Steamy, not clean. Wedding “night”, undressing and nudity, but fades to black.

Christmas Kisses by Nadine Millard
I jumped to this one first because I love Ms. Millard’s books! Louisa and Hugh are a fun couple. When they see their older siblings getting along, they hatch a plan to keep the two apart. Which ends up putting them together more often, causing them to view each other differently. I liked this one, thought it was fun. The cleanest of all three, so if you read any read this one. :)

Content: Clean, mild innuendo and kissing.

Mistletoe for Sara by Rachel VanDyken
I was really looking forward to this one because Sara and Jackson had great chemistry from the previous story. Sparks were flying! Learning their past, I also expected a little more depth to their relationship. It did seem things moved rather quickly, from declaring their feelings to wanting sex basically instantly. Ended up feeling that they fell in lust, not love. My least favorite of the three.

Content: Not clean. Nudity, premarital sex/foreplay (was interrupted before consummated, rest of closed door)

So overall, I really liked the idea for the stories. I liked the banter and tension before they realize their feelings. I wish the concept/plot could be developed into just one full-length novel. While each story/couple was different, they also felt very similar. Similar setting, events and relationship development. I also wish they would have been a cleaner, it would have been a five star otherwise.

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